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Earning money  IT Learning

You can earn online in many ways. There are many kinds of ways online.

For earning more money you must need a strong-skill.

You can learn a kind of task from the following list...

Data entry: Data entry means keeping targeted data from a big database or putting targeted data in spreadsheets from different websites or places. Data entry is an easy task.

I said It is a task for kids. For this job, you don’t need more skills and studies. For doing this job you must need a laptop and internet connection.

Related keyword: Data mining, Web research, Data scraping, Web scraping, Copy-paste

Sales and Marketing: There are many kinds of sales and marketing tasks. How market demand? There is enough demand. Many projects are available. But there is a lack of good freelancers/workers. You can learn it for the first time. (To learn check Lead generation Menu from the homepage)

Why is Lead Generation Important? To grow buyer business, to promote products, to increase product sales, to reach more people, it is needed. For example, Karim has a shop.

Now he has a new brand of mobiles. But now, everyone doesn’t know about the new brands of mobiles in the shop. To know all people, you must need sales and marketing.


There are many kinds of sales marketing are given below.

* Advertising

* Email & Marketing

* Lead Generation

* Market & Customer Research

* Marketing Strategy

* Public Relations

* SEM - Search Engine Marketing

* SEO - Search Engine Optimization

* SMM - Social Media Marketing

* Telemarketing & Telesales

Writing: In the current world, no chance to stay unemployed, if he works. Must have computer skills and education. Many educated people don’t get a job after completing a study. That people think, no benefit doing the study. It is a wrong idea. You can earn many more by writing and typing. For writing, you can be a blogger or a virtual assistant.

Writer  IT Learning

There are many blogger sites. Such as

1. WordPress 2.Wix

3.Weebly 4.Medium

5.Ghost 6.Blogger.com(I am interested in it, because, It is lead by Google)

7.Tumblr 8.Joomla


Related keyword for a writer:

* Article & Blog Writing

* Resumes & Cover Letters

* Copywriting

* Creative Writing

* Editing & Proofreading

* Technical Writing

* Web Content

* Grant Writing

* Academic Writing & Research

Design & Creative: There is plenty of work on the design and creation. For per website and the company, you have to need a logo designer in the current world.

For being a designer, you have to work hard. This is high-level work.

Design related keywords:

* Animation

* Art & Illustration

* Audio Production 

* Brand Identity & Strategy

* Graphics & Design

* Logo Design & Branding

* Motion Graphics

* Photography

* Presentations

By youtube searching, you can learn for free. There are available free-course on youtube.

Engineering & Architecture: Engineers and architects also get their related work online. There are a lot of buyers waiting for engineers and architects. USD salary!

Related keyword:

* Architecture

* 3D Modeling & CAD

* Chemical Engineering

* Contract Manufacturing

* Civil & Structural Engineering

* Electrical Engineering

* Mechanical Engineering

* Interior Design

* Product Design

Web, Mobile & Software Development: It is a very difficult job. For a developer, you have to work hard work. You need 1-2 years to complete the course. In the current world, there is a lack of good developers.

Related keyword for the developer:

* Ecommerce Development

* Desktop Software Development

* Game Development

* Mobile Development(enough demand)

* QA & Testing

* Product Management

* Web Development

* Web & Mobile Design

* Scripts & Utilities

Customer Service: There is sufficient online work for customer service.

Customer service IT Learning

There are a million websites and companies. For each company, hundreds, even thousands of customer service providers are needed.

By learning customer servicing,

You can get a job in the country and abroad.

Accounting and consulting job is available on online

CPC and PPC: It has good demand in the marketplace. It is also called Affiliate marketing. To know details click here

Youtube marketing: It is easy to work to earn money. You can create a video on anything. After creating a video, you upload it on youtube. For each view, you will get a dollar.

But, it has some terms and conditions. These terms, you must follow. Otherwise, your account may be suspended. To learn youtubing now, Click Here

If you have any questions, do comment or message. I will reply immediately.

Thanks, dear!

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