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Fiverr Gig promotion

Fiverr is the best online marketplace. Fiverr’s gig top ranking will bring your best sellers.

Your monthly earn depends on the Fiverr gig rank.

If your Fiverr gig rank is high, your sale will be high.

So you have to bring your gig in Fiverr rank if you want to earn money.

There are many other freelancers, they have no work for the gig rank crisis.

They don’t know how to rank their gig.

Yes, you came to the right place. I teach you how to increase your Fiverr gig rank.

Sure You follow my instructions, your gig sale will be within 7 days.

You must do two SEO in your gig. Such as offline SEO and online SEO.

Offline SEO:

Your gig thumbnail must be unique, with no duplicate.

Think that, your gig title “I will be a graphic artist and graphic designer”

Your gig main keyword: the graphic artist and graphic designer

1. Go to your file explorer

2. Click left button on your gig

Changing your rename puts your gig title here.

If you want you also add Gig Video on your gig to express your experience to buyers.

1. Go to your file explorer

2. Click left button on your gig video 

3. Click on properties

1. Fill up the title with gig title

2. Fill up subtitle with gig title

3. Fill up 5 ratings with gig title

4. Fill up tags such as as..  graphic design, graphic artist, etc

5. Fill up comment with gig title

6. Fill up director, producers, publisher, content provider with your Fiverr username

Online SEO:

Start social media marketing on your gig

1. Facebook marketing. Post your gig in many kinds of Facebook groups and pages.

2. Twitter marketing

3. Pinterest marketing(best marketing)

4. Instagram marketing(best marketing)

5. LinkedIn

6. Webtalk

7. Do link building/ backlink with your gig link.

Do automatic backlink generators.

You can create a 2k backlink daily and will be 300+ views from that.

There are many tools for auto backlink generators.

Backlinkr-dot-net is also good. You can use it.

7. You have to stay visible online 24/7 hour.

8. Your response rate has to stay 100%

 9. Delivered on Time 100% 

10. Order Completion 100%

11. Daily sent an offer on the coming buyer request.

How to understand that your gig has come on Fiverr's first page. For this, you use 

Fiverr Rank Checker tools.

We recommended that you follow all the instructions.

“grow  your sale, get many offers daily”


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