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Why would a robot use the Internet?

Why does google ask this annoying question over and over again while browsing? Why would a robot use the Internet?

Robots are not the kind of mechanical robots we usually see in science fiction movies or stories. 

Most of the websites that are online making money through Google Adsense. AdSense places ads on a website based on how much traffic (daily viewers) are coming to the website, a part of which is received by the owner of the website.

Many unscrupulous website owners take advantage of the opportunity to earn more in a short period of time with the help of some automatic bot programs or robots. This robot is not a machine-built robot, but rather a computer program, which automatically enters the website repeatedly to increase the traffic, i.e. the number of visitors.
So to stop this evil, Google uses a method to identify bots/robots which is called captcha. Although these computer robots can automatically access websites, they cannot recognize images separately because they do not have the same visual acuity as humans. So many times the user robots or humans are tested by identifying certain types of images.

Hopefully, I have been able to answer your question correctly. Thanks for reading.

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