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Best free email finding tools | how to do email marketing

To grow their business, they must need email marketing. No other alternative to progress your business. By email marketing, you can easily reach up to targeted customers and buyers.  For email marketing, you must need emails.

You must know 3 things for email marketing.
1. Types of email
2. How to find out the email 
3. Email send

Types of email: There are 3 kinds of email.
Such as Generic email, personal email, and business email.

Generic email: info@itlearningbd.xyz(no person’s name such as info, support, contact, etc)

Personal email: nayeem@gmail.com(free domain hosting, gmail.com, yahoo.com, mail.ru, outcome.com, etc)

   Business email: nayeem.hasan@itlearningbd.xyz(notes: person’s name@companydomain.etc)
The other name of the business email is a professional email.

Find out email: Email finding is very important for email marketing.
You must follow two steps to find an accurate email. Firstly, an email finds out. Secondly,
Email verified.
Firstly you need to know how to make an email. You need a person's name and a person’s company 
domain name.

There are many best free email finding tools for finding email. These tools are given below:

Uplead the b2b database and business contact provider. You can filter with your targeted industry. You can also filter titles. You got a verified email from here easily. Upload is the very best tool for getting contact addresses. I like it over.

Kendo is a good LinkedIn email finder. You can use this trail as 50 credits for 1 month regularly. You can also get an email from the LinkedIn profile. Firstly, add the kendo extension in chrome or firefox browser. When you open the LinkedIn profile, that’s time to automatically collect an email. It will provide personal and business email both.

This tool supplies many more unique contact addresses. You will get following contacts addresses>

  *All social media profile links. Such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 
                * Personal phone number
                *Verified email address
It also provides company name, website, industry, address, company size, revenue, etc.
You can filter it in many ways. With industry, keyword, company name, size, location. Actually, This is is the best tool. For using add the extension.

For LinkedIn profile:
You can also use the Leadleaper, Linkedlead, Findthat.email, Rocketreach, SalesQl, contactout.com extensions. These tools do the same work. When do you open the LinkedIn profile, then click these extensions? That time, The extension provides the email.

Email permutator
It is no work for verifying email. Many kinds of formula emails are just created. Then you will verify one by one by mailtester and email bounce checking to send the email.

                                                       Mailtester and Neverbounce:
There are lakh users. Both tools are very good for checking email.
Both tools give you a 100% priority in the field of email validation.

I think this is a fantastic tool. Firstly add this extension. When do you open any website, click in this extension? Then you will get many more emails.

Add the clearbit extension in chrome or firefox. I recommend you to use it. You got an email easily. Clearbit just works on a Gmail account.

Go to the skymem homepage, by the paste domain name you get emails.

It is used for verifying many more emails together. 
Ex: How many emails verified from many more emails exposed it.

Hunter is a very popular tool for email finding. Without login you will get 10 credits daily, If you log in with business you will get monthly 50 credits. Hunter gives us personal phone numbers, email, social media profiles, the title of the person, etc.

By email or phone number or address, you know who the person is.

How to get an extension?
Search with your keyword or you can also search in google.
Notes: You can confirm 100% surety, If you send per email, For checking bounce.
Related email finder tools:

Finally: You will do email marketing. Each email, you will send from your mail.

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