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15 unknown facts about youtube

Get to know 15 unknown facts about youtube:

There are many unknown facts about YouTube which will make your idea about YouTube. It's just that you don't need to know the details about YouTube to watch videos on YouTube. There is no need for unknown information. But if you know, there is no harm without profit. Many people are interested to know, especially about different technological platforms. If you are a person who is interested in knowing, then this article is for you.

Although there are many alternative video sharing websites, we watch videos every day on youtube. Some people are busy with YouTube all day long because everything is available on YouTube now. Everything from instructional videos to movies or music is now available here. There are many interesting events in this long journey of YouTube, there is a history of making many records. Today I will share some data about YouTube that you may not know.

Unknown information youtube:

Many people have contributed to the creation of the videos that we watch on YouTube. And many of these people are millionaires today by making YouTube videos, earning millions of dollars from YouTube, there is also unknown information about them. YouTube is gaining so much popularity day by day that now many celebrities are being created from YouTube. But this YouTube was not like that even 10 years ago, find out some information about this long time.

Those who are the father of youtube:

Now we all know that YouTube is a video sharing and social media site of Google. But do you know who made YouTube and there was a Bangladeshi with them?

The main masterminds of YouTube are Jawad Karim, Harley, and Steve Chen. Jawad Karim is a Bangladeshi German citizen. They made YouTube in 2005. They were all PayPal officials then who made a significant contribution to the establishment of YouTube. learn more about Jawad Karim, a German citizen of Bangladeshi.

YouTube launch at a dinner party:

Everyone had a great time at Steve Chan's dinner party in San Francisco. But the problem started when they got in trouble for sharing their captured video via email. Video sharing on mobile was not easy at all then. But other friends have to show, what can be done!

The idea of creating a video sharing site comes to one's mind. Everyone gives positive feedback just to share with others. That thought is work, a site opened by three friends together which is known as YouTube in today's world.

The cost of YouTube was covered by bonus money:

Did you know that today's billions of dollars of YouTube, at a time, YouTube was not like that? The founding members of YouTube used to run YouTube with the bonus they received from their monthly salary.

The genuine reason:

At the outset, YouTube was a great deal like a dating site. Where everyone would upload their dating videos.

 Another name for YouTube was Utubeonline:


They bought the YouTube.com domain on Valentine's Day in 2005. But later they changed the name to Utubeonline. As a result, just as consumers become confused about this issue, so do they become confused about themselves. This name was later changed again in the past name.

The first video:

You watch a lot of videos on YouTube, but do you know what the first video on YouTube was about? Yes, the first video on YouTube was of founder Jawad Karim who uploaded the video on April 23, 2005, while visiting a zoo. The title of this video was 'Me at the Zoo'.

April Fool's Day:

YouTube launched April Fool's Prank in 2008. And every year they have been doing it successfully. In 2008, all YouTube videos were redirected to Rick Astley’s music video. Never Gonna Give You Up. As a result, the video that viewers click to watch goes to Rick's song from YouTube. In this way, the viewers accept the prank.

The most viewed video:

Charlie Beat My Finger was the most viewed video on YouTube besides music video. This 55-minute video shows a funny moment between the two brothers. The current views of this video are 862 million.

The most viewed version of the song was the Gunnam style video. Which was posted in 2012 and that year the video gained 1 billion viewers. Currently, the number of viewers is about 1.8 billion.

The YouTube hit:

Reached a huge milestone in 2011 with 1 trillion viewers. This means 1 in 140 people around the world watch YouTube.

Most dislikes:

Must know that just as there is an option to like a YouTube video, there is also an option to dislike if you don't like the video. And the most disliked YouTube video so far is Justin Bieber's music video "Baby". This music video has received about 44 million dislikes so far.

Americans watch YouTube more:

YouTube was born in America so 30% of the traffic to YouTube comes from America. And 70% comes from the rest of the country. YouTube is available in about 61 languages.

 YouTube Business:

YouTube has partnered with about 10,000 advertising companies that also have channels like Disney, Turner, Univision. This partnership is growing every year. There are currently millions of partners who are paying YouTube to show their promotional videos.

All YouTube videos:

A great many recordings are being transferred to YouTube consistently. You would be really surprised to know that if you want to watch all the videos on YouTube, it will take you 1700 years.

YouTube is now the biggest search engine:

Did you know that YouTube is now the biggest search engine? Yes, you will be surprised that, About 90 percent of the world's Internet users now search on YouTube instead of searching on Google, Bing, or Yahoo to find out anything.

Superhuman on youtube:

Batman is a superhero on youtube. because Batman's video has been viewed almost 3 billion times on YouTube.

YouTube banned in 10 countries:

It is true that YouTube has been banned in many countries. Among them, China banned YouTube in 2009 and Pakistan in 2012. The reason was the Innocence of Muslim clip video. A total of 10 countries have banned YouTube, including Brazil, Turkey, Germany, Libya, Thailand, Turkmenistan, China, North Korea, Iran, and Pakistan.

Mobile versus PC:

Statistics show that 70% of YouTube viewers watch from mobile and 30% use PC to watch YouTube videos.

The popularity of YouTube is now growing even more. The main reason for this is many new creators are being created on YouTube. And these creators are basically taking YouTube forward. Hope you like this article about unknown information on YouTube. You got to know some new information. Share this information with friends.



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